Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with a dietitian?

There is a lot of nutrition and health information out there these days it's available in a variety of capacities. There are health coaches, chiropractors, nutritionists, personal trainers, social media, the internet friends and family who all provide nutrition information. Our spreading awareness and interest in our personal health is great, but it can become very challenging to dissect and sort out all of the different information you hear. Nowadays, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist and it can be dangerous to take nutrition advice from someone who is not a properly educated and certified nutrition expert. This is the very reason to see a registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) in regards to nutrition. A dietitian must complete a bachelor's or master's degree in dietetics from an accredited university followed by a 1200 hour supervised internship. Once those requirements are met, one can sit for the national examination to become a registered dietitian. Dietitians are also required to engage in continuing education hours to keep up their registration and state licensure. This lengthy and extensive process ensures you are receiving evidence-based guidance from a credentialed professional and you can be confident that your health is in good hands.

What is Health at Every Size?

Health at Every Size or HAES is a movement or paradigm that strives to shift the focus of health away from weight-centric and instead views health through a holistic lens with an emphasis on self-acceptance and personal practices that improve individual physical , social , mental , and emotional health, regardless of weight. HAES is not "healthy at every size" , instead it is the acknowledgement and belief that health can exist at a diversity of sizes and weights. I challenge others to shift their views to believe that they can attain health outcomes with behavior changes and without weight manipulation. In addition to individual decision-making, HAES also addresses health as a resource or capacity available to all regardless of health condition or ability level , and not as an outcome or objective of living. The HAES approach is grounded in 5 principles: weight inclusivity, health enhancement, respectful care, eating for well-being, and joyful movement. In my work, I help others incorporate these principles into their daily life so that they may live a nourished and joyful life.

Will you make me go on a diet?

I am a non-diet dietitian. This means that I take into account your whole being, instead of just your weight, food intake, and calories. I strongly stand by the belief that diets don't work. And the things that typically comes with diets - restrictive eating, food group elimination, limiting and counting calories, and all the strict rules of what you can and cannot eat - I don't believe in those either. There is a lot of evidence-based research showing that these things don't benefit our health in the long run and can actually do more harm than good (I'm happy to share research on this). Instead, I aim to help you remove the gui lt and shame that has become a normal part of our eating experiences and find the simplicity and joy in food again. I will never ask you to remove or restrict certain foods, in fact I believe that all foods can fit. Yes, that means even pizza, ice cream, and cookies. Together we will work to find nourishing habits that support your unique physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

I need someone to tell me what to do. Can you do that?

You are the expert of yourself and your own body. You may not currently believe this because our culture is always telling us that we can't trust our own bodies and need to exercise control, willpower, etc. But you know yourself better than anyone else does and I am passionate about helping others connect to that knowledge and finding trust in themselves again. In our work together, I empower you to be the expert of you. I am here to support, advocate, educate, and cheer you on. We are a team and I strive to create a level playing field vs. an authoritarian approach. I am 100% invested in you and I hope you are 100% invested in your journey and our work together.

Will I lose weight?

I work with clients to heal their relationship with food and their bodies and guide them in shifting the focus from weight loss to health. As you learn to eat intuitively, listen to your body and its needs, and nourish yourself you body will arrive to its natural ly intended set point. Some people may lose weight when they learn to honor their bodies, while others gain weight they'd lost through restriction and deprivation. Still others maintain their weight while eating intuitively. I do not use weight as an indicator of health or success. I will support you in reducing the focus on weight and discuss that challenges that you face when working to separate your weight from your health.

What about healthy eating?

As an RD of course I still believe in the power that eating healthfully has on us. Our bodies love when we offer them a variety of foods and food groups and get all of our necessary nutrients. When we start working together, we will discuss your current perception of healthy eating and what it looks like in your life. As a culture we put way too much pressure on eating the right foods and not eating the wrong foods in the name of health. I strongly believe that food is nourishing, simple, and joyful and I will work with you to help make that a part of your life. Often times there are some other aspects of your eating and perceptions that will need to be addressed before we can discuss nutrition in a neutral way without it being negatively affected by diet mentality. We will discuss this and assess your individual needs and readiness when we meet.