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The Philosophy

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The Joyful Life is dedicated to helping individuals and our community live a healthy and joyful life. Weight, calories, body image, and diets have become the obsession in order to achieve an image that society says is acceptable. Diet culture has taken over telling us we are not good enough. Along the way, we’ve forgotten how to take care of ourselves, particularly when it comes to eating.
We are meant to enjoy life and we are meant to enjoy food and eating. At The Joyful Life, it is our mission to reconnect individuals with the true joy of eating and food. We work through an intuitive eating approach and are passionate about healing broken relationships with food and your body. Let go of dieting, restriction, and rules and learn to care for your body through nourishing, enjoyable food, acceptance, and compassion. We are in this journey together to find your joyful life.

Food is Simple and Nourishing

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We reject the ideal that food holds morale value, that is it “good” or “bad”. Fueling and nourishing our body should be fun and simple and we should enjoy pleasurable foods without guilt. Through our nutrition counseling services, we will teach you how to easily satisfy your body with food that nourishes and tastes good.

Health isn’t Determined by a Number


Our bodies naturally come in many different shapes and sizes. At The Joyful Life, we will not use numbers to define health. Instead we will examine behaviors and habits and how they contribute to your individual well-being, regardless of weight and body size. Your body is worthy of being cared for and you deserve to feel good in it.

You are the Expert of You


Your body does an excellent job of telling you what it needs, but how often do you take the time to listen or know how to listen? Forget diets, food rules, and external cues telling you how and what to eat. YOU are the expert of your own body and we teach you how to listen.

Live Your Joyful Life

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How much does food consume your every thought and action? How often do you experience thoughts about your body and how you look? Experience freedom by letting go of these negative and controlling thoughts. We cultivate healthy relationships with food and self-compassion. Create space for what brings you joy so you can start living a more intentional and fulfilling life.

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